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Lykke is funding 4 initiatives which
aim at addressing the consequences
of the current pandemic.
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What is the Initiative about?

The initiative aims to provide financial means for innovative individuals,
teams and companies to deliver transformative solutions addressing the crisis.
It also empowers governments and institutions to directly support,
access and benefit from these ground-breaking solutions.

Today more than ever, governments and industries are challenged by the impact of the current crisis and
need to be prepared for any future occurrences. It is both a necessity and a unique opportunity to utilize
technology and decentralization to build resilient infrastructures and mechanisms for our economy.

Lykke is committed to democratizing finance by building the tools and services for a sustainable economic and
financial system. Lykke supports industries in their transformation by empowering them to leverage the
full potential of blockchain and new technologies.

Our proposed initiatives


Digitizing Government initiatives for SMEs, Labor Force & more.


Leveraging the efficiency of financial market mechanisms to solve supply chain problems.


Aggregating and verifying all the relevant information for economy forecast.


New approaches and ideas that contribute to the management of the current crisis and to the development of useful solutions.

Why Participate?

The initiative is funding community solutions for key proposals to address crisis impact.

Open source and community contributions are crucial to address our economic system’s current challenges.

This is why Lykke will provide funding of minimum CHF 50’000 for the selected solutions for the 4 key proposals.

After minimum viable product release, all the selected solutions will be publicly available for governments and institutions to utilize in their change strategy. Lykke’s team of experts will make themselves available to support concrete implementation.

The rules:

  • Submit your solution for one of the 4 proposals.
  • Your submission should include : Description of the team, high level & technical description of your solution and timeframe for development and minimum viable product release.
  • Submissions will be evaluated by a Jury composed of Government and industry Leaders.
  • A total of 4 proposals (1 per initiative) will be selected by the Jury of Industry Leaders.
  • Selected submissions will receive a minimum of CHF 50’000* to develop their solution within the agreed timeframe under MIT License.
  • Once your submission is complete, you will be considered for all of our future initiatives, meaning your solution can still be chosen in another round, unless you indicate to us otherwise.
* Prizes are subject to the Open Initiative receiving funding from contributors. For more information please contact:

Steering Committee


Christopher Giancarlo

Former CFTC Chairman

Sandra Ro

CEO at Global Blockchain Business Council

Richard Olsen

CEO at Lykke

Ashkan Nikeghbali

Chair in Mathematics - UZH

Artur Avila

Mathematics - UZH

Charles Cascarilla

CEO and Co-Founder at Paxos

Advisory Committee

Massimo Buonomo

Blockchain Expert

Support the initiative!

In order to emulate ideas and contributions while ensuring lasting impact, it is crucial for this initiative to be supported by governments and industry leaders. Whether the support is done through public endorsement to create awareness or sponsoring, you can make a difference!

Or contribute!

An initiative of this scope could not exist without the support of talented individuals and teams. If you’d like to contribute to the initiative, reach out!

Keys areas requiring contribution are:

They support us